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    Skidd Kidd
Billy Sullivan is an 18 year old young man who lives with his Grand mom. He attends Gastropolis High school where he is a senior. One day while playing baseball he accidentally falls into the sewage sludge while trying to retrieve his baseball. Unbeknownst to everyone is that the sewage has also been contaminated by one of the Professors concoctions. After he is discharged from the hospital he soon discovers that he has some unusual powers. 
Kirby is a 25lb, 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier and the faithful companion of Billy Sullivan. Kirby saved Billy by pulling him out of the sewage sludge and soon starts displaying unusual powers. Kirby was fearless prior to his newly discovered powers. God only knows how he will control those deadly dog farts. 
She is the sweet 10 year old next door neighbor of Billy and Kirby. She knows the secret identity of both of them and vows to tell no one. She enjoys baking her peanut butter dog biscuits for her favorite friend Kirplunk who is always wandering over to scarf a couple down.
Billy’s cool Grandmom. She is retired and is always there for everyone. She is a superb cook and always keeps Billy and Kirby in line.

          Capt. D-Berry
The captain is bent on annihilating Skidd Kidd and Kirplunk.
The professor has been kicked out of the scientific community for testing enhancement drugs on animals. He is a loner who lives in the secluded dilapidated house behind the baseball field. This provides him with the opportunity to continue his experiments on everything from mammals to insects. At times he does not sleep or eat because he is totally consumed with his experiments.
          Granny Panties
Created by the Tighty Whitey King in the Professors laboratory, she stands 4 stories tall, weighs ten tons and can crush a car with one stomp of her foot. She is controlled by the TWK and will obey his every command.

(Tighty Whitey King)
A highly intelligent pair of underwear briefs that will stop at nothing to rule over the citizens of Gastropolis. He has total control over Granny Panties and his minion of underwear that he will unleash at anytime to wreak havoc on the city. Has an especially hard time accepting the special connection he shares with Skidd Kidd, but totally hates Kirplunk!
          TWK's Minions
An army of many different types of underwear assembled and brought to life by TWK. They are very athletic and can easily overwhelm anyone or anything with their vile smells and sheer numbers. They are under the absolute control of their leader, TWK, and will carry out his orders without question.
Mr. Toplin
A self made billionaire who is also CEO and president of the Skidd Corporation. He has met Skidd Kidd and Kirplunk several times and also employees Billy in an internship program at his company. He has an idea that they may be the super heroes that have saved his company and the city of Gastropolis from a lot of embarrassing situations, but needs additional proof to confirm his speculations.
          Ninja Ninkampoops
They were once on the men's Mexican gymnastic team. The five of them have trained under their sensei for many years to learn the ways of the Ninja and now own and operate Nink's diner, which also happens to serve the best cheese steaks in town. When the diner is closed they don their ninja outfits, grab their favorite weapon and patrol the streets of Gastropolis keeping its citizens safe. With their martial arts skills and gymnastic abilities, they are formidable fighters.

Lacy Underthings
She is the beautiful and perky street reporter for the WGAS channel 2 news and one of Billy’s closest friends since childhood. She has her suspicions of who Skidd Kidd and Kirplunk are, but is always just one step behind with her camera and reporters know how.

          Fungus Humongus
He was created by the professor from a multitude of different types of mushrooms. Grown in the professor’s personal greenhouse where he has lived for many years until that one fateful day when he comes to life when he is given the wrong injection. Though he is relatively harmless, his very large size and insatiable appetite for coffee consumption creates problems for both himself and the citizens of Gastropolis.

Fro Fro
She is the twin sister of Moley Moley whose only wish is to open a hair salon with her brother Howard. Every full moon she transforms along with her brother into a large fro ball of hair that can easily take down her opponent with her hair tentacles. She is an excellent hair stylist when she is in her human form, but when she changes, she inadvertently causes mayhem by giving free haircuts to anyone who wants one or not. She will stop at nothing in her search to find a cure and to have this terrible curse lifted so that she and her bother can live normal lives.

Moley Moley
He is the twin brother of Fro Fro and has the same wish as her to open a hair salon of their own. Every full moon he transforms along with his sister Debbie into a giant nose and mustache with very muscular arms. He will use his large mustache to smack you down, and he can incapacitate any opponent with his slimy, rapid booger fire. He is also a fantastic hair stylist, but his over protective nature of his sister gets him into trouble, leading him to act irrationally. He will aid his sister in any way so that they may find a cure, but his pessimistic outlook tells him that they will never find one.


No one knows where they came from or where they live. Their bodies are made up of discarded toilet paper rolls and their heads are an actual roll of toilet paper on a holder. They survive solely on toilet paper that is eaten and then used as a gooey slimy spit ball that is shot out through their fingers. These spit balls are shot out at a rapid speed which can stop any opponent in their tracks by encasing them in a toilet paper cocoon.
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