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Plunk Patrol
Saved from the dog pound by the Professor and after spending two years in his laboratory as a test subject, she was able to make her escape (See issue #2 pg. 14). Once free, she makes her way to Becky’s loving care and meets up with Kirplunk. She gives birth to three adorable puppies that posses her super intellect and their father’s super strength and farting ability. She is the mother of the Plunk Patrol.
The only girl of the Plunk Patrol. Becky named her Daisy because of the identifying patch of fur on her right side that is in the shape of a daisy flower. She has lightning speed that renders her opponents helpless because they cannot even see her coming. Very smart and will do anything to protect her two brothers.

He may not be the brightest of the bunch, but he makes up for it with his unwavering loyalty in protecting his mother, brother, sister and Becky. He is always the first to rush in and will take on anything even if it is a hundred times his size. Incredible strength is his greatest attribute and nothing seems to hurt him. He also has the nastiest dog farts out of all three of the puppies.
The leader of the Plunk Patrol. He is the spitting image of his father right down to the brown patch on the left side of his head that covers both his left ear and eye. He is the smartest of the three puppies and can size up any situation quickly allowing him to deploy his brother and sister on the offense.

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