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Welcome to Skidd Kidd
Check out the new hooligans known as the “SBDs”! To find out more check out our characters.

Comic #7 of Skidd Kidd and Kirplunk...

Why is all of the toilet paper in the city of Gastropolis being stolen? What is all this graffiti that has been spray painted all over town? Detective Crud and the police can’t solve this mystery and even the Professor claims that he has never heard of them nor has he had any hand in their creation. Can Skidd Kidd and Kirplunk defeat this evil group of hooligans known as the SBDs?
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In loving memory of Tyler aka Kirplunk


Tyler was the quintessential model for the character of Kirplunk. His "doggy ways" gave way to the inspiration in developing Kirkplunk. Tyler is survived by his family, the creator of Skidd Kidd and Kirplunk who will not miss Tyler's gas bombs but will miss having the loving moments that all animal lovers experience daily with their own furry friends.

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